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Who We Are

We are one of the fastest growing financial service companies in America, PHP Agency, part of a trillion dollar industry that makes more billionaires and millionaires than any other industry in the world. Our quest is to make history teaching the most working-class people how to become millionaires using a proven financial strategy.


We use the same strategies and tactics identified by the world renowned entrepreneur, noble philanthropist, motivational speaker, and best selling author Tony Robbins. Tony has grown his wealth to nearly $500 million.


We teach people wealth growing financial options and offer them the best secured financial products from the top insurance companies in the world. It is how the banks and wealthy businesses invest their money to continue a steady flow of wealth. Now working class people have access to these opportunities. PHP has an impressive record of associates who started with no experience and catapulted to millionaire and multi-millionaire status so you’ll be taught by the best.


Top insurance companies have more than just insurance products . We offer compound interest rates, secured investments options, debt solutions without bankruptcy, retirement plans, life insurance with all fees returned options, key man business insurance and rule 72 calculations all combined into customized plans to meet your financial goals.

More About Us

We’re making a difference, providing effective ways to combine the most risk-free, investment options to grow wealth that can last in your family for generations. A true example: saving 20% of a $14,000 per year salary for 30 years using a secured financial product actually grew into $70 million . How? By having the funds automatically withdrawn directly into a compounded growth product offered by our insurance partners.

Client Testimonials

Everyone needs life insurance or a death rider which is included with investment insurance products. Think you don’t? Think again! Here are real life stories from our customers who have benefited from having it.